Fighting ocd

fighting ocd

"I'm sure you've tried hard to fight your OCD," your therapist agrees. "We're going to use that motivation of yours and help it along with a structured, systematic. Here's how to conquer OCD using CBT which is more effective than drug treatment, has no medication side-effects, and has a lower relapse. I have been actively involved in the treatment of OCD since , and have treated over cases . You cant always fight your own brain chemistry unaided. fighting ocd So, there isn't any "compulsion" that she performs that I can see. Very best wishes, Clifford. Home Articles About Us Contact. Thanks to treatment, I realized that I no longer had to focus on every little intrusive thought so I could focus on what is real and important. If I could ask, you said something that I find relates to myself and I was wondering what type of comments usually is it that would get you worried.


How to Treat OCD & Obsessive Thoughts - The 10 Steps for Overcoming ObsessiveThoughts