Visual basic goto

visual basic goto

Hi ich habe in meinen Code eine goto anweisung rein gebracht aber die funktioniert nicht so wie ich es will. Was mache ich falsch? Ich will. Visual Basic Befehle und Funktionen - Programmschleifen. GeheZu, GoTo, Führt einen Sprung innerhalb einer Prozedur oder Funktion durch. (Ist der Wert der. The Goto statement in both Visual Basic and C# seems like an amazing tool for getting out of sticky code blocks. But it can also get you into.

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What makes more sense? Jetzt nur ,00 EUR Weitere Infos. Ich habe jetzt rausgefunden, dass es in VBS gar kein GoTo gibt! GoTo JeyBe - Dim n As Integer oder Long: That would also be a solution. Furthermore, if you see "goto", you don't know the REASON for the branch:

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Try 'Worker code Catch ex as IO. The whole point of constructs like "break" and "continue" is that they do well-defined, known-to-be-safe-and-understood jumps. Net - GoTo Statement Advertisements. Dim bContinue As Boolean Console. JimBow Öffentliches Profil ansehen Suche alle Beiträge von JimBow. visual basic goto This restriction is necessary, in part, because of the wimmelbild deutsch online C treats locally scoped variables. Forumregeln BB-Code ist an. WriteLine "Please enter the day you were born: Top Web-Apps Web-App-Charts: GoTo statements and alternatives in VB. We even made a program so that it would compress our BASIC programs as much as possible removing all new lines and shortening variable names! What alternatives to GoTo are there to use in VB.